His heart beat irregular and he looks and feels awful. He's now in the acute cardiac ward with tubes sticking all out of him. generic viagra without prescription Yet the doctors say the operation was a success????!!! This was meant to only be an overnight stay. I'm in bits. Reply satch_123   oct 20, 2011 to: all i am 51 yo male, had second ablation for svt 2 days ago.   my first ablation done 5 months ago on right side of heart, 21 targets burned, still had all the symptoms post op. comparison viagra viagra   this time 4 areas burned on left side around and next to tricuspid valve, then another 2 targets on right side by valve. buy viagra cheap   post op this time my pulse runs about 70, but bp rus 180/105 or so all the time. cheap viagra   prior to this ablation my bp was roughly 115/75 with pulse 70.   anybody else experience high bp post op?   also he has me on two different bp meds twice per day. nhs prescription for viagra Reply sts4slp   nov 22, 2011 to: mom2four85 really?   six months?   i had a study in may, and the actual ablation in july.   i exercise a lot, and have found i have great trouble walking up hills, and even climbing stairs--and it's been over four months.   still having symptoms every couple weeks, but that is way better than every other day--as before the ablation.   please convince me that after four months, my heart stillneeds time to heal! ~sue ***@**** reply tom_h   nov 22, 2011 to: sts4slp sue, i'm sorry that are you're still experiencing physical difficulties.   undoubtedly, we all heal at different rates. viagra trademark expiration   so each of our recovery processes can be different. Four mounts is a sufficient amout of time that you should be seeing progress on your return to normal activities.   if it's confirmed that your heart is structurally sound, no blockages, etc. , then you shouldn't be experiencing trouble climbing a staircase this far out from your procedure.   it may take months for complete recovery, and to tell if your ablation was a success. buy cheap viagra   but physical recovery should come quicker.   are you pushing yourself, or are you laying back a little?   i know that i was apprehensive to really push my limits for a while. viagra trademark expiration   in fact, i had a stress test about 6 months post ablation with the purpose of showing me that i could push my personal envelope,  the cardiologist was beside me the entire time, and i managed 12 minutes on the standard treadmill test before punching out.   that's what it took for me to realize that i could begin to really push my personal wall out further without worrying about an svt episode hapening. viagra for sale   progress is painful, but fortunately the heart responds quickly to stress placed upon it. Reply mom2four85   nov 22, 2011 to: sts4slp did. viagra cheap online Web Site Reserved for

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